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What is "All you can edit?"

It all started when…

I first began my photography career. My sophomore year of high school I decided to take the leap of faith and invest my time and money into becoming a photographer. 

There were SO MANY things I had to figure out, and some were easier than others. Buy a camera? Done. Find some friends to model? Got it! So my friends and I would drive around, take the most 2012-Tumblr-artsy-worthy shots ever, and then I would feel on top of the world. I CAN DO THIS. I. CAN. TAKE. DECENT. PICS.

But then it would hit me...

I need to figure out how to edit!

Yes! Crazy to say but OF COURSE I didn't know how to edit, I was just starting out! And no, surprisingly enough it didn't take anyone to tell me that my Picnic editing wasn't going to cut it. 

I feel like a lot of people are in the same boat that I was in not too long ago. And it sucks! 

We all want to create amazing images but we tell ourselves:

a) I don't know how to make these photos look how I want them to

b) I only have enough money for maybe 1 preset pack and a $0.50 ice cream cone from the gas station.

We have the ability to take and edit amazing photos, but we just need some guidance on the how! And some good ol' fashion practice.

So here's my success story - flash back to 2014 when I discovered the beauty of Lightroom. I was feeling good about my style and my work-flow of post-processing. Presets were on the rise and someone told me about a free trial pack that VSCO had for download. I tried it out and realized the world of difference presets can make. After trying those out and experimenting while finding my "style", I continued to create high quality, stunning photos with my new-found skills. 

If I had never experienced those free presets, I would have never found my style (because I was too broke to just buy presets hoping that they would work out and look okay).

But wait. Let's get real here - we live in 2018, there are apps like VSCO and Afterlight and a million others that can edit your photos for you— for free.

You are correct. And that's the point I want to get to: THIS IS A FREE RESOURCE! 

This is a free email list that shares presets you can try out, how to use them, editing tips, trends in photography, all for - you guessed it - FREE.

So if you want to grow with your photo skills by reading a weekly email, join the club! Subscribe and add your email to the list! Let's create a community where we can help each other get better, because if someone hadn't helped me, I wouldn't have the skills I have today! 

So, to summarize, the point of All You Can Edit is:

a) to share presets to try out (either on the Lightroom mobile or Desktop app)

b) to highlight your before & after edits on our Instagram page (because sharing is caring)

c) to build a community around the beauty of editing!

I am also continually growing with my skills and am using this email list as a way to get better too. So let's do this together!


Ceara Kirkpatrick / All You Can Edit




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