Hi there!
Care-ra here (yes it's pronounced the Gaelic way). Thank you so much for clicking on my page! Just a little bit about me:

I'm a photographer/videographer/digital strategist from Omaha, Nebraska (who loves to travel *hint hint out-of-towners*) and a recent graduate of the University of Missouri with degrees in Strategic Communication and Spanish! I'm just your typical millennial that loves their alma mater (University of Missouri ‘18) and loves their dogs even more.

I currently offer senior pictures, portraits, family portraits, wedding photography/videography, event videography and so much more (contact me for more info)! 

Something I really work hard to produce in my work is the concept of a timeless moment. There are so many trends that pass through the photography and videography world that companies or artists tend to get caught up in. For me, I constantly strive to produce work that genuinely portray my clients. I want to create timeless snapshots of genuine feels and emotions during my shoots. 

But enough about me! Feel free to fill out my contact form above so I can get to know you! Even if you're not interested in working with me, feel free to drop by and say hello or shoot me any questions, I'd love to hear from you!

Ceara Kirkpatrick